Send an Appreciation Token to show your community how much you Appreciate them!

What is Appreciation Token?

A way to keep your community engaged via subsequent airdrops, tokens, 3D printed items, physical products, metaverse wearables and much more.

What We Provide

Our ways of appreciating the community

Our Custom Smart Contracts Have

  • No file size limitations, the larger the better
  • Upgradeable features
  • Inbuilt features like snapshots
  • Ownability
  • Cross platform compatibility

Relied on marketers, trusted by engineers We'd love to hear from you, especially if you have some feedback for us. Reach out to us at, @AppreciationTok. If you have a new idea for us, we might just build it out for you.

A little support goes a long way, give us a shout out at@AppreciationTok

Investors and Partners

Contact Info

Twitter: @IncepthinkLLP

Whatsapp: (+91) 96192 61995

Telegram: @incepthink


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